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The Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts:

Our Mission:

The Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts is a non-governmental organization created by the faculty members of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Kyiv, Ukraine).

We have the scholarly, teaching, and administrative experience in the development of university curricula, as well as in cooperation with foreign institutions of higher education, multilateral educational associations, diplomatic representations, think-tanks (including those that work with the matters of intercultural and interethnic communication), organizations of national minorities, and governmental agencies.

Our mission is to foster collaboration among the aforementioned social players while providing adequate training for future peacebuilders.


The Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts:

Our Activities:


The Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts conducts training courses on intercultural communication, historical mentalities, and social traditions of different cultures. With regard to the latter, we hold seminars and practicums on etiquette and body language peculiar to various countries.

These teaching activities are based on our research which is currently focused on the following phenomena: national and other collective identities in international relations; the discourses on ‘historical justice’ and national histories in the foreign policies of contemporary states; the evolution of diplomatic practices in different parts of the world; public diplomacy in multicultural environment.

At the same time, we are working on the development of the university curriculum for the studies in International Relations, Diplomacy, and Intercultural Communication, while giving advice on career planning in the aforementioned realms.


The Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts:

Our Team:


The Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts is captained by:

Dr. Dmytro Ishchenko, the Chairman of the KSDA, and Ms. Oksana Zabuzova, the KSDA’s Executive Director.


Dmytro Ishchenko, PhD,


of the Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts

Dmytro Ishchenko is a researcher with a special interest in diplomatic affairs, cultural history, and the role of collective identities in international relations.

Between 2002 and 2010, he served as a diplomat and political analyst at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (2002-2006) and the Mission of Ukraine to the European Union (2006-2010).

Having returned to scholarly and pedagogical activities, Dr. Ishchenko became one of the architects of the International Relations Program at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

He teaches a number of courses pertaining to the IR curriculum, including the History of International Relations, the Theory and Practice of Diplomacy, Diplomatic Writing, and the Introduction to Policy Analysis.

In 2019, Dr. Ishchenko and Ms. Zabuzova founded the Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts as a center of intellectual inquiry and professional training in the realm of diplomacy and intercultural communication.

The areas of Dr. Ishchenko’s expertise are: the history of international relations; diplomatic, cultural and social history; history of ideas; collective identities in international affairs; ethnic conflicts and the conflicts of civilizations; foreign policies and ideologies; theories and practices of diplomacy.


Oksana Zabuzova,

Executive Director

of the Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts

Oksana Zabuzova is an expert in the domain of higher education and its social impact.

Between 1998 and 2017, she served as the head academic counsellor of the Kyiv-Mohyla Doctoral School.

In 2017, Ms. Zabuzova joined the International Relations team of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy as its adviser and coordinator.

In the capacity of the Executive Director of the Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts, she leads the School’s tailor-made courses in etiquette, protocol, body language, and cultural aspects of social communication.

Ms. Zabuzova’s scholarly interests encompass the matters pertaining to pedagogics and psychology, as well to the functioning of educational systems.

The areas of her expertise include: the evolution of education and its connection to national/international security; the role of education in social mobility; reforms in higher education; East European and Post-Soviet identities; the issues of social behavior, manners, and gender; the discourse on “culture” in the upbringing of European elites.




Our Contacts:


Dmytro Ishchenko:

+38 098 395 94 45

dmytro.ishchenko@gmail.com; diplomatic.arts@gmail.com


Oksana Zabuzova:

+38 063 302 20 23

oksana.zabuzova@gmail.com; diplomatic.arts@gmail.com


Mailing Address:

Trudova, 7-A / 92, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04071




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