Our Project:

Professional Opportunities in International Relations:

The Seminar Series

A thorough dialogue with Ukraine’s young people
on careers in international relations and diplomacy
is one of our School’s

The realm of international relations is a universe of various professional opportunities. In order to comprehend this expanse and to find a right path in it, students need to start shaping their future careers from the earliest stages of university education.


In this regard, our TASK is:

to display the whole spectrum 

of career prospects 

in international



Our target audiences


1) Undergraduates,
2) Graduate and PhD students (preeminently, those who major in international relations, political science, history, and media studies),
3) University staff working with international relations’ and diplomacy studies.


Our speakers:

1) Diplomats (both Ukrainian and foreign),
2) Employees of international organizations (the UN, the CoE, the OSCE, etc.),
3) Officials of the EU and NATO institutions,
4) Experts of leading international think tanks and NGOs,
5) Experts in the field of cultural cooperation,
6) Media personalities and artists of international standing,
7) Psychologists, masters of protocol and etiquette, other instructors.


Who benefits from this?

1) Ukrainian undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students deliberating careers in the sphere of international relations.
2) University lecturers and the managers of university programs.
3) The MFA of Ukraine and other Ukrainian state institutions looking for future specialists in international relations.
4) International organizations, media, and other potential employees.




Please follow our alerts on the events that are to take place within this framework.