Our Training Series:


the Public Diplomacy


Seminars for University Educators

To see itself through the travails and miscommunications of today’s geopolitics, Ukraine requires its very own corps of tip-top professionals in public diplomacy.

The training of such experts is impossible without the cohort of dedicated educators well-equipped with the knowledge of the most efficient teaching approaches.

With the aforementioned argument in mind, the Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts conducts a new instruction program for the faculty members of Ukrainian universities.

The main theme of the program’s seminars is the up-to-date cultivation of public diplomacy mastery.

Our Guest Mentors are renowned scholars and practitioners of international standing.

Our audience brings together the representatives of Ukraine’s most prominent centers of higher learning located in different regions of the country.

This circle of peers is open to all other academicians interested in the advancement of their professional skills pertaining to the purview in question.



The series were launched on September 22, 2021,
with the Seminar conducted for 12 Ukrainian universities by

Dr. Vivian Walker

Executive Director, U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy
at the Department of State