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Sir Harold Nicolson (1886-1968), a topflight theorist of diplomacy’s phenomenon and an urbane virtuoso of its practice, gave the most careful thought to the matter of “the Ideal Diplomatist“.

The subject is elegantly pondered about in Chapter V of Nicolson’s famous treatise Diplomacy – the work that has been reverentially perused by the enthusiasts of the profession since the book’s first publication in 1939.

A paragon of diplomatic trade, according to this text, is to display the following qualities: truth, accuracy, calm, good temper, modesty, and loyalty. That, continues Sir Harold, needs to be buttressed by intelligence, knowledge, discernment, prudence, hospitality, charm, industry, courage, “and even tact”.

Diplomacy Simulations model provides a would-be diplomat with a superb opportunity to see what it takes to strive for the perfection of the craft.

It is to such a test that the Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts is putting the students of engaged universities in Ukraine and abroad.

With the help of our foreign and domestic partners we set out to introduce the method of simulation games into the education of those young individuals who aspire to undertake the noble mission of building cordial and friendly ties among the nations of the world.

We are honored to announce that the program was launched in cooperation with the National Museum of American Diplomacy at the U.S. Department of State (NMAD). Its Team conducted a training session for the faculty members of 10 Ukrainian universities and a refugee crisis simulation game for a group of Ukrainian students from different parts of the country.

The simulation model designed by the NMAD is one of the best examples of diplomacy simulations, and it is our intention to make it an integral element of Ukraine’s educational system.


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To read more meditations of Sir Harold Nicolson, please use: Nicolson, Harold. Diplomacy. Third edition. London, NY, Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1942The referred statement concerning the ideal diplomat’s qualities is to be found on p. 126.