Discussion Session:

Media Diplomacy

and Countering Disinformation

at the International Level

Discussion with

Mr. Georgiy Tykhyi

Media and Communications Adviser to the Minister
for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

April 17, 2023

On April 17, the Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts had the pleasure to welcome Mr. Georgiy Tykhyi, Media and Communications Advisor to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, a seasoned journalist who, among other attainments, had reported from the hottest spots on the frontline of Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression since its onslaught in 2014.

Our guest offered to the KSDA trainess his most learned guidance concerning the approaches applied by Ukrainian diplomacy in the media dimension.

The details that pertain to the contents of this brilliant instruction are to remain (at least, for now) within the close ranks of the aspiring diplomats and their present-day academic tutors participating in our educational programmes.

We are sincerely grateful to Mr. Tykhyi for his mentorship. The gratitude is shared by the students and the faculty members of 11 Ukrainian universities engaged in the ongoing Seminar of the Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts “History-Focused Disinformation in Media Diplomacy”.


The meeting was held as a part of our project
“Civic Education vs. Disinformation: Countering Fake Histories
in International Politics and Propaganda”.
The information about this initiative
may be found