Monitoring Practicums:

Russia’s History-Focused Propaganda


Engaging Universities 
in Fighting Disinformation 
at the International

The Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts is conducting the series of practicums tasked with monitoring the Kremlin’s quasi-historical discourses and their circulation in different countries of the world.

The teams of 11 Ukrainian institutions of higher education are engaged in this work at the permanent basis.

Their participation in the program demonstrates the role which the intellectual resources of Ukraine’s and other democracies’ centers of learning may play in opposing the worldwide spread of disinformation (specifically that concocted by the present-day regime in Moscow).

Please contact us 
if you see your institution
as a participant of these monitoring activities

The monitoring series are a part of the project
of the Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts
Countering Fake Histories
in International Politics
and Propaganda