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The KSDA Course:

Historical Narratives

in International Politics 

Training Program 
for Future Professionals

in Public Diplomacy


The Kyiv School of Diplomatic Arts offers a new course Historical Narratives in International Politics.

The competencies it will provide with are to include:

Understanding of the role performed by the representations of the past in the foreign policies of international actors,

Capabilities to define the threats and monitor the application of politicized historical discourses as a legitimizing instrument in international affairs,

Skills in countering history-focused disinformation at the international level,

Proficiency in formulating positive discourses on history within public diplomacy campaigns.


The course was developed as part of the project

“Civic Education vs. Disinformation:

Countering Fake Histories

in International Politics

and Propaganda”.

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about this initiative
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The course may be taught in a number of varations (depending on the audience’s needs). One of such variations is presented below:





The course idea was presented
at the KSDA-held conference for 12 Ukrainian institutions of higher eduction
“Universities as Actors in Combatting Disinformation
and History-Focused Propaganda
at the International Level”
(May 15, 2023)